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-= ULTIMO =-

The revolutionary Quick Pot Ultimo with intuitive cooking technology.

You are about to discover why so many food lovers are switching to the Quickpot Ultimo. Easy to clean and versatile; use it anywhere. Just load cook and go.

Quickpot Ultimo represents a breakthrough in cooking technology, delivering perfect results every time. The secured cooking chamber seals in flavour and locks in vital nutrients. Cooks faster, tastes better.

The Quickpot Ultimo utilises intuitive technology balancing food temperature and cooking times. Its auto-warm mode keeps food above 60 degrees celsius.

Built-in warming mode

The Quickpot also has an in-built warming mode. Once food is cooked, the Quickpot automatically switches to warm mode; ensuring food stays hot until you’re ready to eat.

Compact and easy to clean

The Quickpot is compact too, so it’s perfect for travelling, for the office, a work site or outdoors where power is available. Plus it’s very easy to clean. It’s the perfect, portable cooker.

Sleek new modern design

The Quickpot Ultimo has a new, stylish, modern design. No more hard edges on this unit, sleek and curvy, Ultimo cooks as good as it looks.

Thermo Sensor Technology

Thermo-Sensor technology

Advanced Thermo-Sensor Technology

Revolutionising the way meals are cooked, the Quickpot features patented “thermo-sensor” technology. This groundbreaking innovation takes into account both food weight and moisture content, ensuring fantastic cooking results every time. Thanks to this intelligent system, excess liquid is efficiently released through the Quickpot steam vents, allowing your meals to cook to perfection while preserving their natural flavours.

The go-to cooker, anywhere, anytime.

Cooking with Quickpot

Simplified Cooking Process

Using the Quickpot Ultimo is a breeze. Just follow a few simple steps, and you’ll be on your way to culinary success. Add your ingredients into the inner pot, place it in the Quickpot Ultimo unit, close the lid, and press the cook button. That’s it—your cooking journey has begun. Please note that certain recipes may require additional cooking cycles. But worry not, the Quickpot Ultimo will automatically adjust and continue until it determines that enough liquids have evaporated to cook the heartier components of your dish. Once your masterpiece is complete, the unit seamlessly transitions into the warming function, keeping your meal hot and ready to be savoured.

Italian Pasta

Steaming Vegetables

  • Pour 1 cup of water or stock into the inner pot. Place in the steamer basket.
  • Add ingredients to the steamer and place the inner pot into the cooking chamber.
  • Close the lid, the lid is properly closed when it clicks shut.
  • Plug in the unit and press the switch to COOK. The cook light indicator will illuminate to indicate the cooking process has started.
  • The unit will switch to WARM when the liquids evaporate.
Steaming Vegetables

Operating Guide


  • [A] Cooking chamber
  • [B] Inner pot
  • [C] Power cord (240V)
  • [D] Steam vent
  • [E] Steamer basket
  • [F] Plastic spoon

Attach the Ac power cord [C] to the cooking chamber [A], then plug the AC power cord into a standard 240V power outlet.

Place the ingredients in the inner pot [B]. Place the inner pot into the cooking chamber [A]. Close the lid securely.

Never overfill the inner pot [B]. It has a 5 cup cooking capacity: Note: All references to ‘cups’ in the recipes are based on the included Quickpot measuring cup included in the box.

Always ensure the steam vent [D] is clear of any obstructions, especially food debris.

The plastic steamer basket [E] is great for healthy steamed vegetables.

The plastic spoon [F] is non-scratch for stirring and serving.


Power rating: 240V, 60HZ, 400W
Functions: Cook, Warm
Operating temperatures:
Cook – 100°-103°C / 212°-217°F
Warm – 60°-80°C / 140°-176°F

DO's & DONT's

  • Always cook on a stable and level surface.
  • Don’t move the unit whilst cooking.
  • When serving food from your Quickpot Ultimo always unplug the power cord from the wall outlet.
  • Always ensure the steam vent and lid is clear from any obstruction before and during cooking.
  • Do not place hands directly over the steam vent whilst cooking.
  • Always open the Quickpot Ultimo by pressing the lid release button on the handle. Be sure to open the lid facing away from you to avoid hot steam.
  • The Quickpot Ultimo reaches high temperatures. Use caution to avoid injuries.
  • The lid must be closed tightly in latched position at all times during cooking.
  • Ensure holes that drain into the condensation collector are clean and free of debris.

Do not overfill the inner pot.

Cook food in the inner pot only.

Helpful cooking hints

  • The measuring cup provided matches the cup measurement line in the inner pot. We recommend using this cup when referring to our Quickpot Recipes.
  • The WARM function keeps food above 60 degrees celsius, the food safety standard for bacteria.
  • Never use the WARM function for longer than 2 hours.
  • If the Quickpot Ultimo switches to WARM before the food is fully cooked, you may need to add more liquid (except when baking specific recipes, like cakes, etc).
  • Overly sweet or oily foods can cause the Quickpot Ultimo to switch to WARM mode quicker than desired. If this occurs add more liquid and cycle again.
  • When baking in the Quickpot Ultimo, you will need to press COOK more than once. Once Quickpot Ultimo has finished cooking and turns to WARM, wait 5 minutes and press COOK again.
  • Never double recipe quantities. Doing so may force excess hot liquid to spill out of the steam vent. If this occurs, unplug the Quickpot Ultimo and allow it to cool thoroughly before opening the lid, to avoid possible injuries.
  • For best results when cooking pasta use sauce instead of water or cream.



Quickpot Accessories

Check out these great Quickpot Ultimo accessories:

  • Recipe Book: Additional recipe book for the Quickpot Grande.
  • Replacement inner bowl: With maximum capacity indicator.
  • Measuring cup: The recommended measurement cup for Grande recipes.
  • Spoon: Wide non-stick spoon for easy serving.
  • Steamer: For steaming food.
  • Silicone Mitts: For handling hot pots and pans such as the inner bowl.

Some recipes from the new Quickpot Recipe Book!

Get even more great recipes from the new Quickpot Grande Recipe Book. 40+ pages of delicious recipes for your Quickpot Grande.

Quickpot the one-pot wonder...

“The Quickpot is awesome. Since I got it, I haven’t used anything else. When I get home from work, I quickly put a meal in the Quickpot and leave it while I do what I need to, and dinner is ready waiting when I want it. Would recommend this product. Definitely well worth adding to the kitchen.”

Italian Pasta

Some more Quickpot recipes


-= ULTIMO =-

Quickpot Ultimo, the one-pot wonder. Now with 2x the capacity of the original Quickpot. Simply add your ingredients into the inner bowl, place in the Quickpot Ultimo, close the lid and press the button to start the cooking process, that is it…

So quick, so easy, so simple.

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